Young People's Group (YPG)

Doorway’s young people have the opportunity to participate in various activities and projects which help to improve their self-esteem, mental and physical health and develop their skills and confidence. Read more

Cooking Sessions

A fun way for the young people to meet new friends, shop on a budget and learn how to cook healthy food. There are a number of Lifewise AQA accredited cooking modules that the young people can achieve. Read more


The Doorway Jobwise employment programme began in 2014 and has helped hundreds of young people to access employment, training and education. Read more

Community Garden

Doorway's Community Garden is a space for young people to grow their own fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs. It provides the young people with new skills and is a great way to promote positive health and well being. Read more

Sexual health

Doorway provide sexual health advice and information. We offer a free and confidential service: providing condoms, pregnancy and chlamydia tests. Doorway also deliver sexual health and healthy relationship workshops or 1-2-1 support to promote awareness and enable the young people to learn and achieve an AQA accreditation. Read more


Lifewise enables vulnerable young people to build up a portfolio of modules relevant to their situation, which in turn helps them to develop key independent living skills. Read more

Mental Health

Young people receive support and advice to help to cope with emotional and mental health issues. Young people can attend a variety of group or 1-2-1 sessions to help improve their mental wellbeing and provide them with effective coping mechanisms to manage their emotions. Read more

Money Matters

Money Matters workshops can be delivered one to one or in a group setting. This programme enables young people to budget, pay bills and save money as well and helping young people to develop their independent living skills. The programme also gives young people the confidence to manage their finances and make positive life choices in regards to money management. Read more

Crafts Project

Young people have the opportunity to learn new skills such as knitting, crochet, sewing and crafts. Read more