What is Jobwise?

The Jobwise employment programme has been a huge success since we started it in 2014 and has helped hundreds of young people to access employment, training and education.

The advantage of Jobwise that because we provide floating support to Doorway young people it means we are more aware of the underlying issues that young people have and the reasons why they are not working or in training and are in a good position to quickly identify these issues and create a plan of action to support them into these areas.

Doorway’s Jobwise scheme aims to break down the barriers to unemployment and increase young people’s chances of gaining employment, with a variety of sessions to give young people the skills and confidence to get that job they are looking for.

We also work closely with other training providers so young people can easily access courses and activities.

Jobwise sessions include :

CV Creation/Update

Barriers to Employment

Interviews Skills

Mock Interviews

Confidence Building

Job/Apprenticeship Searches and Applications

Interview Clothing

Access to Training Providers

Within its first year the Doorway Jobwise Programme won a local award from Lloyds Community Fund which was voted for by members of the local community and  Jobwise won £3000 funding which has gone straight back into the project so it directly helps young people accessing the programme

Comments of young people who have participated

Jobwise has given me more confidence to look for future employment and with my new CV I feel I can apply for more jobs than I could before

I feel really confident in my interview clothes and really looking forward to job interview

I am now more confident and prepared for interviews and know what questions to ask and also how to answer interview questions