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Doorway Drop-in Centre

Doorway Nuneaton is open to young people Monday – Friday 10 am - 4 pm for advice or support. Young people have access to a variety of services in the Drop In and can be supported in a safe and friendly environment. Find out about other locations here..


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Tom's Place

Tom’s Place will provide a room in a house or self-contained, emergency access ‘crash-pad’ type accommodation to young homeless people in the locality. Tom’s Place is designed to support those who have found themselves in crisis and need support in order to learn and gain independent living skills to enable them to focus their lives in a new direction.



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It’s vital for us to raise funds and we need your help! We don't employ fundraisers at Doorway and it is all done by the staff, management committee and volunteers. Fundraising enables us to continue offering essential support and guidance to vulnerable young people in the community. Fundraising contributions make a real difference to the lives of people in crisis who are either homeless or facing homelessness and help us provide the services to support them so please help.




Volunteers play a key role at Doorway in supporting vulnerable young people. There are various volunteer roles but mainly working in our Nuneaton Drop in centre and being the first point of contact for our young people and supporting them to access our computers and advice service.




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Real Stories

  • Lucy's story

    Lucy was forced to leave her family home because of relationship breakdown with her father. Lucy had a traumatic upbringing, her mother was not present due to severe mental health issues and Lucy had a negative relationship with her father with verbal and physical abuse on a daily basis. Read more

  • Susan's Story

    With the support of Doorway Susan managed to turn her life around and from feeling like there was no hope of support Susan was given the life line she needed. Read more