Homelessness damages lives, and so whenever possible we aim to prevent it happening in the first place. Our preventative services offer access to accommodation, advice and support at a moment when young people might otherwise face homelessness. . Our services seek to empower young people to resolve their housing or other problems to avoid homelessness.

Invite us to Speak

We are always keen to raise awareness of homelessness throughout Warwickshire and we do this in various ways.

We can attend your place of work or local community group or other organisation and discuss our services and how we help young people.

School Sessions

At Doorway we know that prevention works best when intervention comes as early as possible that's why we can deliver homeless education to students under 16 years old to raise awareness of homelessness and other issues that young people may experience. This gives young people the opportunity to ask questions and understand how homelessness can happen and where to get help if they find themselves in this situation 

However our message is simple; home is the best place to be if it is safe to be there.

If you would like us to visit, please email us: [email protected]