A local film company approached Doorway and our Young People's Group were passionate about making a film to dispel the myths of youth homelessness. The young people called the film "Hidden Homelessness IS an Issue" and were fully involved in making the film. This gave them new skills in addition to gaining increased confidence. 

Doorway has worked with more than 9,000 young people since 1997 with many of them coming from areas of multiple deprivation. The staff team are very experienced and recognises the importance of listening so that they can meet the individual needs of each young person. One size definitely doesn't fit all and this provides stability to the young person and trust is built up as the relationship develops. 

It has been a privilege to see them move from a position of extreme vulnerability to moving on positively from our services. We undertook a long term impact survey in January 2016 of young people who had left more than a year before. None of them had been homeless again and all were in employment or training with two of them at university. We asked for comments or what they remembered about Doorway“ I always remember that everyone joined in and no one was ever left out. The courses were all relevant, helped me manage my money and bills and gain a better understanding of what I would have to pay when I got my own place.”

“Non-judgemental staff & positive support workers – willing to help."

"..... you helped me out a lot when I was at my lowest and vulnerable. I always got the help I needed and if I never understood anything you always took the time to help me understand it. You helped me achieve a better start in life and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

"Life was very dark for me back then, but with the help of Doorway I found myself again and while I still struggle from time to time I’m more of a person I ever was back then.”

“I was very lucky I had Doorway to help me because back then I didn’t really have much in life. YOU ARE AMAZING.”

It doesn’t only have a significant impact on the lives of people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion, it also brings wider social and economic benefits. A respondent to our stakeholder survey said:

“Your young volunteers are great ambassadors and evidence how you support their progression and integration into their communities. Well done.”

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