Following a young person's initial assessment with Doorway they will then be invited to attend a New Home Workshop.  This will enable the young person to learn and understand the responsibilities involved in running and sustaining their own tenancy.

The course covers topics, such as;

  • Moving In
  • Budgeting, Debts
  • Paying Bills
  • Cost of Living
  • Housing Options
  • Tips to Keep Bills Down
  • Personal Safety and Security
  • Effective Shopping and Tenancy Agreements

 As well as providing the young person with lots of useful information and contact numbers, they will also receive an accredited AQA qualification for completing the course. This is recognised and rewarded by certificate. 

The workshop lasts for up to two hours and is usually held at Doorway in group sessions. However it can be done remotely or on a one-to- one basis as required to meet the needs of the young person.