Have you ever thought of leaving money in your will? Any gift no matter how big or small can help us to fulfil our ambitions for future generations of those we help.

The majority of young people at Doorway find themselves homeless because of family breakdown.

They are alone in the world and have often moved from place to place, experienced a disrupted education, and feel like they are on the edge of society, like the whole world is against them. They are just normal teenagers or young adults, no different from your son, daughter, niece or nephew. They just haven’t had the simple everyday stability or opportunities that many of us are lucky enough to enjoy.

We’re asking supporters to think about leaving a legacy when you’re gone. A donation which will help to change young people’s futures.

 - Just £300 could provide 20 bed nights in Doorway’s emergency accommodation service preventing young people from sleeping rough and the dangers of entrenched homelessness.

- £2,000 could pay for a week of vocational training for eight young homeless people being supported by Doorway, giving them the confidence and skills to seek long-term employment. 

- £25.000 would pay for a full-time Support Worker  to help our young people to tackle debts and understand independent living, so they can build a stable, independent future.

A donation of any amount will help us to transform the life of a young homeless person and support them into a positive future. We promise you that EVERY donation makes a difference.

For more information please contact Pat on 02476 586921.

To Donate, please click here