Hi, I’m Frankie!

I started with Doorway in October 2016 and have been loving it ever since! No two days are the same at Doorway as there is always something new to learn and challenges to overcome.

Working with young people is so rewarding especially when you see them making achievements and reaching their goals.

I am especially proud of one case in particular where the young person came to us in need of accommodation, advise, guidance and simply someone to talk to when times where feeling hard! They had no family around them and had been rough sleeping.

With the help of Doorway and myself they were able to use our emergency crash pad accommodation to get back on their feet. This gave them time and the support they needed to make positive changes in order to grow in confidence, gain independent living skills, boost their self-esteem and begin to look forward to the future again.

The young person went from feeling low, quiet and worthless, not being able to do things for themselves to being independant, moving into long term accommodation, making friends and even getting a job.

I feel both happy for the young person and proud of how Doorway has helped them!