Western Power Distribution's Community Matters Grant will enable us to deliver Energy Wise, which aims to educate, advise and support individuals to live independently, make informed decisions, be energy efficient and free from fuel poverty.

Doorway works with young homeless people (aged 16-25) in Warwickshire, many are accommodated through our private landlord scheme and utilities in shared houses are often supplied through prepayment meters. These individuals are hit hardest due to their low income and lack of experience in managing a home. Furthermore, there is growing concern about the rising costs of energy and food and the impact this will have on vulnerable young people. 

Energy Wise will look at the energy efficiency of their home, maximising income, review tariffs and accessing local welfare schemes for extra support. A designated worker will be trained to level 3 in Energy Awareness to deliver this project. They will provide advice to colleagues as well as young people. Energy Wise group sessions will be held in each house using monitoring equipment. Individual sessions will also be held to maximise income through benefit checks and assessments, applying for extra support as required.

We would like to say thank you to Western Power Distribution for this grant and supporting us to help individuals be more Energy Wise and reduce the impact of fuel poverty.