Reinaldo is passionate about all things food and helping others. Reinaldo came to us as a volunteer in May 2017 to help our young people with their cooking skills, confidence and to learn how to prepare a delicious home cooked meal. 

Rei makes the sessions fun and flexible to meet the needs of all the young people involved. Initially Rei delivered some wonderful Portuguese recipes to allow our young people a taste of a different culture and now cooks a wide range of foods and dishes within his sessions. 

Rei has continued to work with us and is imparting his knowledge about all areas of cooking to all those who take part. 


What makes me return to Doorway every time I can is:

The opportunity of seeing our young people learning new skills. 

Even with all their problems in life, they can be what ever they put their minds to. 

Some times all we need is someone that believes,  gives moral support and is there for you.  

Seeing them literally putting their hands on the dough and their smiles after they see and taste what has been cooked,  gives me hope that not all is lost in this world and that we CAN make the difference"