I started volunteering for Doorway four days a week in 2012. It came at a time in my life where I wanted to give more. I was a single mum to 4 wonderful kids, but as I was out of work and I needed something for me.
As soon as I started here I felt I was really giving something back. I fell in love with this organization and it's purpose. I made good friends and felt comfortable straight away.  I knew from day one that I wanted to give even more. I was offered shadowing opportunities, which allowed me to learn so much about the issues young people face on a daily basis and this opportunity gave me the platform to develop new skills. 
Eventually new funding became available and I was offered a job as Project Worker.  It's been an amazing experience, one that gets better with every passing day. There's a lot of hands on projects I run with the young people, decorating, cleaning and cooking. In this role I also organize a lot of promoting, fundraising events with other organizations and businesses, which has seen regular donations from supporters over the years. I love the young people I work with here they are beautiful people, I love my job.