I was due to become homeless whilst with another Housing Association. The situation I found myself in was desperate; no home and no means of acquiring or renting one. By chance my girlfriend was a client with Doorway and advised me to contact them as soon as possible.   I did so and within a few days a home was found for me, much to my relief.

The subsequent service provided by Doorway was hard to fault, they did their upmost to aid me with a vast variety of problems, ranging from benefit associated difficulties, to providing counselling for emotional issues.

Their support during my recent move into a council property was invaluable and wouldn’t have been possible without their assistance. Support was offered in buying all the necessary items required to set up home.

My girlfriend has also received fantastic support for over 3 years and is as grateful as I am for the help and advice we received.  We now live together in a council flat and the support has ended, but we are now both confident in running our tenancy and are secure in the knowledge that should we run into difficulties we can still call for advice.