By taking part, you'll be helping homeless young people locally. The money you raise will help to fund Doorway projects that provide life-changing advice, accommodation and support to homeless young people in Warwickshire, empowering them to turn their lives around and move on with their futures positively.  We ensure that all money we receive goes to where it will have a real impact.

It’s not just a “challenge event” it is a meaningful experience too.  By sleeping out, you’ll get a feel for some of the challenges that people sleeping rough have to face every night. It’s a chance to sympathise with the position that homeless people are in.

It is nothing like actually being homeless though, of course. We’ll be sleeping out in a safe and secure environment for a start. Then in the morning, we’ll be able to return home to family and friends, knowing that we’ll have a warm, comfy bed to sleep in that night.

Homeless people don’t have that security. By taking part in the event though, you can help more young people get the support they vitally need and get off the streets and escape them for good.

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