Young People get into crisis for a number of reasons

Young people become homeless for many different reasons and it is important for the local community to be aware and understand how and why youth homelessness exists in our local area and throughout the UK

There is a common assumption in society that homeless young people are all on drugs or been in trouble with the police. There are young people who have had to deal with these issues but very often young people who never thought they would be homeless find themselves is crisis and face dealing with homelessness for a number of reasons.

Why does Youth Homelessness happen in 2019?

  • Family conflict/relationship breakdown
  • Violence in parental home
  • Death of parents or other family members
  • Asked to leave by parent/family/carer
  • Loss of employment
  • Mental health
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Financial difficulty and benefit Issues
  • Overcrowding
  • Entering/Leaving Prison
  • Long Term ill health

Hidden Homelessness

Each year many young people find themselves sleeping on friends/families sofas for months at a time and are often seen as hidden homeless as although they maybe safe from sleeping on the streets they do not have a place they can call home and it is important that they seek help and get the opportunity to have their own bed and address their housing issue.