Hi, my name is Michelle (Shel), I am a Housing Support Worker on the HRS (Housing Related Support) project. I started working at Doorway in August 2016 after a number of years working for the NHS Mental Health Team, supporting young people with early onset of mental illness.

Since working at Doorway I have noticed there is an increase in how many young people are being affected by homelessness. I have experienced the barriers that young people are facing in finding suitable accommodation and changes to their benefits. During this time I have been able to use and build on my experiences to promote independence and help the young people to be suitably accommodated; working towards minimising homelessness.

I think it is important for young people to have an individual support plan and work towards independent living. As a support worker I can help work towards this by supporting young people to build the necessary skills to live independently.

I hope that the support myself and other staff offer helps the young people to live fulfilling lives and enables them to move on with a positive outlook to adult life.