Hi, I’m Katie

I’m a Housing Support Worker at Doorway, working on the ASH (Access to Supportive Housing) Project.  My career background is in support work with homeless people and working with women and children.

I am local to the Warwickshire area and have noticed how homelessness is an ever-growing issue, affecting the lives of many people and in particular, young people. Since beginning my role at Doorway I have seen first-hand the barriers that people face in accessing suitable and stable accommodation, be it supported or independent, private or otherwise, amongst a multitude of other barriers such as benefit issues, difficulty in securing stable employment due to the rise of zero-hour contracts and many more.

Each of these obstacles have a massive impact on the mental health of the person, and until working for Doorway, I didn’t realise how important support services are in helping people through these difficult times. I feel that we are experiencing challenging times, in which vulnerable people are being targeted, and one of my hopes is for people who are directly affected to take a pro-active approach to challenge those in charge of making these decisions.

My role within Doorway has given me the skills and knowledge to work with these issues and develop my understanding of how to best support the people I work with