We find that some young people return home after a 'cooling off’ period. Doorway has received funding for emergency accommodation for a 'crash pad’. This gives young people a place to stay for a couple of nights in an emergency whilst trying to help them resolve their situation.

Unless the young person is at risk it is much better to stay at home and try to leave in a planned way. Doorway can help them to plan this and it may mean they can stay longer until their situation is resolved.

Doorway will help young people who want to return home and assist to re-establish a positive family contact where appropriate.

Doorway can deliver ‘The Youth Homelessness Prevention Programme’ in schools which is designed to ensure that the homeless prevention agenda starts at an early stage within the school environment. As well as getting young people to explore the issues related to leaving home, it brings to their attention the services that might be available should they be threatened with homelessness. This programme gives us the opportunity to work with young people under the age of 16 who are having difficulties at home.