How to raise money for Doorway 

If you are interested in raising vital funds for Doorway you can set up your own fundraising page directly on our website. We also have fundraising pack available on request.

Why raise money for Doorway?

  • Extensive experience of providing support for vulnerable young people in crisis.
  • Over 400 local young people benefit from our advice each year.
  • A reputation for being innovative in response to the needs of young people.
  • Our unique private landlords service means that we are able to access accommodation for young people that they would normally find difficult to obtain.
  • Emergency units of accommodation for young people sleeping on the streets, or threatened with homelessness.

Fundraising Ideas 

There are many different ways to raise money for Doorway, have a look below at some of things our amazing supporters have done to raise funds for us and if you or your business want to raise money please get in contact.

Sponsored Sleep Out
Cake and Coffee Mornings
Charity Fun Days


Best friends Dave Morrall and Steve Smith marked their milestone 50th birthdays by taking part in the Dubai marathon 2017 to raise funds for Doorway 

They successfully completed the marathon and this amazing achievement was met by great support from friends and the local community and they raised an amazing £1200.00.

We thank Dave and Steve for their great accomplishment and the money raised will go directly to support vulnerable young people in crisis.  

"I couldn't think of a better charity than Doorway, not only because I know Carol Haden there but because it is local and they give long-term help, they get these young people settled in and try and get them jobs'

"I've often popped in to give small  donations at Christmas and have always  been impressed by the love and commitment Carol and all the Doorway staff give to the young people they support".

''what I really like about Doorway is the fact it's not just short-term help and support, I see how the youngsters are encouraged into work and helped into long-term accommodation and supported into the settled life they want and deserve."

Sleep Outs 

Unipart Mobis sleep out 11th November 2016.

A Night spent Homeless

10 volunteers from Unipart Mobis gathered at their agreed destination for the night, they were in high spirits the mood was good as was the cause. As the team observed the area some were quick to find a suitable area to lay their heads for the night creating bed from pallets which had been left in a nearby skip. Others were happier to experience a truer representation of what many homeless people experience nightly, and lay their bed on the cold concrete.  All was going well until the weather turned and the heavens opened. As the rain came down and soaked through the sleeping bags and blankets the team contemplated what it would be like to be in this situation every day and realised how lucky they were.

 “This was a truly eye opening experience and we are all glad to have taken part to raise such a large sum for the Doorway charity”.

Michael Ellis of Blood, Sweat at Tears Gym swapped boxing gloves for woolie gloves and organised a sponsored 24-hour sleep out to raise money for Doorway.

The event attracted a large number of people from across the town and joined Mr Ellis for the event which took place just before Christmas at one of the council's car parks so those taking part could experience what it is like for homeless people to sleep out of the streets and increase awareness of homelessness.

"If we can change even two or three people's lives through this fundraising and awareness event it makes it all worth it'