Private Landlords Scheme

The Private Landlord Scheme is a brilliant service devised to help provide another source of much needed accommodation to those in need.Read more

Going home?

Experience has shown that most young people living alone for the first time become overwhelmed by the responsibility of having a tenancy. The younger they are the more evident this is. Therefore at our first meeting with young people we ask them to consider whether it is possible to remain at home.Read more

New home workshop

Once a young person has had an initial assessment with Doorway they will then be invited to attend a New Home WorkshopRead more

Floating Support

Floating support provides support to enable young people to maintain and sustain their own tenancies.Read more

Doorway Housing Advice Service

The Doorway Advice team is the first point of contact for all young people visiting Doorway for the first time seeking help. There are here to offer friendly advise and support.Read more

Tom's Place

Tom’s Place will provide a room in a house or self-contained, emergency access ‘crash-pad’ type accommodation to young homeless people in the locality. Tom’s Place is designed to support those who have found themselves in crisis and need support in order to learn and gain independent living skills to enable them to focus their lives in a new direction.Read more