‘When you’re a young person living alone life can be increasingly stressful, seeing someone once a week who is a constant and genuinely cares for your wellbeing really makes a difference’.

Lucy's Story  

Lucy was forced to leave her family home because of relationship breakdown with her father. Lucy had a traumatic upbringing, her mother was not present due to severe mental health issues and Lucy had a negative relationship with her father with verbal and physical abuse on a daily basis. Lucy really struggled in this environment and self-harmed regularly and in desperation of not being able to feel she could get out of this situation attempted suicide.

At this point Lucy was referred to Doorway from her 6th Form College. Doorway accommodated Lucy in emergency accommodation and supported her to move and settle in. Lucy had no experience of living independently, presenting with a number of problems including; anxiety, depression, self-harm, low self-esteem and confidence. 

Lucy struggled living alone which impacted on her health. She felt unsafe and scared. Lucy’s support worker listened to her fears, supporting her to approach her college for extra support. Counselling was arranged and slowly Lucy’s grades improved and she began to feel more positive about things.

Lucy attended cooking classes and was able to assist fellow Doorway young people to learn to cook meals, illustrating just how far she has come and highlighting an increase in her own self-esteem and confidence.

With Doorways support, Lucy was able to finish college and pursue her dream of going to University. Lucy ended her tenancy positively and is now studying at University with bright plans for the future.

‘I am so grateful for the brave work that Doorway continue to do. Without the help of Doorway and support, I and many other young people would not have access to a decent life’.