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Doorway works with local private landlords who have flats, bedsits and rooms in shared houses for young people on Doorway's waiting list. We have good links with other housing providers such as Bromford Housing, Christian Alliance Housing Association, Fry Housing Association, Coventry Foyer and the local Councils. Unfortunately we do not have emergency accommodation but can help if you need this.


Yp Quick Guide

Advice sessions take place at different venues and last about 45 minutes. This will help us find out how to give you the best possible advice depending on your situation. If we agree that private landlords is unsuitable we will refer you to another provider with your agreement.

Whilst on the waiting list we will ask you to attend a Pre-tenancy Workshop so that you can think about what you need to do before you start to live alone.


You may get support if you have privately rented, Council, housing association accommodation or sometimes whilst you are still at home. A Housing Support Worker will help you apply for any benefits you may be entitled to, give you advice on paying your bills, managing money and offer advice on healthy living on a low income. The support is tailored to your individual needs.

Other things you might be helped with are furnishing your home with essential items, referrals to drug and alcohol agencies, social activities with others who may have shared experiences.